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sps's Journal

8 November
There is no mystery, there is no magic. There is, however, a lot of weirdness.

A link to my photographic entries, For Your ConvenienceTM.

Friends policy

I think of the 'friends' lists functionally, as reading lists. All, in consequence, are welcome. If my babblings amuse you, feel free to 'friend' me, under no obligation (other than not deliberately annoying me or my other friends, of course!).

Conversely, I treat my own 'friends' list in the same way: other than my email, it is the first thing I read in the morning and the last thing I read at night. In consequence, its membership tends to be a bit restricted in terms of literary style, social style, and non-personal matters to do with, well, criteria of balance I have for my intellectual and social environment. So please don't be offended if you 'friend' me and I don't 'friend' you back. In fact, I typically drop by the journals of those who have friended me every week or two; more often if we have friends in common, since I tend to read my friends' friends pages while I'm there.

And for the most part, I'm happy to chat if you leave me comment.

No politics, no conspiracy, no hidden agenda. 'K?
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