stephen (sps) wrote,

Science is Dumb

So they announced recently that there are an "estimated" 8.7 million species on earth, including plants, animals, small things, and kinds of things that were evidently invented since I was at school.

Now, I mean, all well and good, but that's just an estimate. How can that be converted into a hard fact, the kind that wins in trivia games?

Two things are of different species, we know, if they cannot breed. So now, to verify this claim, Science has to do 75,690,000,000,000 breeding experiments (half that if you don't need to check both ways), the vast majority of which are going to be extremely tricky to carry out. And I happen to know that—contrary, perhaps, to popular belief—bananas need even more copious quantities of porn to get in the mood than pandas do. And that's even assuming you want them to try to breed with other bananas, and not whales or barnacles or slime molds, as verifying this scientific claim requires.

The porn production requirements alone will bankrupt us all!
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